Digital Privacy (part 2)

Ads and Web tracking

What can be learned from tracking a person's use of the web? (mapping activity)

Why does this stuff matter?

Identity theft

  • Old problem
  • In a digital world this can be done at scale


  • Influencing how you think
  • way more prevalant, harder to notice
  • "Free" products can be designed to be addictive to show you more ads (more on this later!)
  • What if things disguise themselves as other types of content?

What can you do?

  • education!
  • adblocker?
  • delete stuff
  • different emails ( -> (disposable email addresses

Data Ownership

Data Ownership

App / Website Critique

  • Choose an app or website to analyze
  • Try to answer these questions
    • What does the user interface of this service make easy to do?
    • What does the user interface of this service make difficult to do?
    • How does this company make money?
    • Are the motivations of the user the same as the motivations of the company?

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