Digital Citizenship

Honors Tutorial - Fall 2019


This tutorial explores what it means to be a person online, how digital environments affect your persona (and vice versa), and how people represent themselves in an online community.

In order to thoroughly explore these concepts in this course students will:

  • learn to critically evaluate digital tools and online platforms
  • study the history of the web and related technologies
  • cultivate digital skills that allow the creation of an online identity they control


Students will be asked to participate via in-class and online discussions. By the end of the semester students will use what they have learned to put together a website on Knight Domains that they can use in the future to showcase their work as a student here at SNC. This tutorial will require students to publish some of their work publicly on the open web; they will not be required to use their real name in a public space if they do not wish to. Students are encouraged to make appointments at the Tech Bar for additional help while building their site.